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available from a trike kit!
We are a mom and pop team and have been in the manufacturing, fabrication and art fields for most of our lives.  As a couple, we have been married for 36 years.  I am a member of Hopewell Missionary  Baptist Church and we enjoy our family time.​ 

Royce and I had been riding together several years when I decided I wanted my own bike.  I tried to ride a 2 wheeler by myself but between being short and having arthritis, I had problems doing that.

One day I was at a yard sale and found a motorcycle for sale.  Royce had been telling me for a long time that he would like to rig me up a motorcycle trike kit that would stabilize my motorcycle for me.  I went and got him and brought him to see if he thought he could fix this bike up for me like he had been talking about.  That was how, through his artistic vision, the Trip Trike was born.  A low profile trike kit that has the advantage of stabilizing your motorcycle while, at the same time, not taking away from the beauty of your bike.  Royce does all of the building of the Trip Trike from scratch.  I am disabled from arthritis, just handle the phone for him.

"How can you sell it so low?"  you may ask?  The answer is simple.  We wanted to ride together but we couldn't afford what was out there.  We knew that there were others just like us.  So we keep our overhead down and strive to keep the cost as low as possible.  We are very thankful for all that we have and the smiles on peoples' faces as they leave on their Trip Trikes is worth more than money can buy!  

Another reason for keeping our price below the competition, even though our product is superior, is so that you will have the extra money to bring your bike to us, for the free installation.  That way you know that the people who built your kit is installing it with adjustments for the best ride and you don't have to do the labor.  Take a mini vacation while we do all the work!

I know that today, 10 years later, you can find trike kits out there for less.  I must point out, BUYER BEWARE!  I get phone calls where customers have purchased these and it didn't come with wheels and tires, fenders, a mounting kit to actually attach it to their bike.  PLEASE, read all the fine print before you buy.  Here at Trip Trike, our prices include everything you need to ride!!!  

So, we just may have the answer you have been looking for.  Besides the Trip Trike kit, we have come up with a more affordable trike kit that will come with all you need to ride.  That still allows your two wheeler to remain in tact, no modifications are made to it.  Easily put on or taken off within minutes to be able to ride with or without it.  

Why not give me, Dawn, a call today and find out more about what we have to offer.  We do hope to make your dealing with Trip Trike an enjoyable experience to last a lifetime.  We hope you share with your friends where you got your trike kit and if you find the need for another in the future, that you will come back to see us.
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