For the smoothest ride​​
available from a trike kit!


Trip Trike, in business since 2009, building bolt on trike kits that stabilizes your motorcycle with it's adjustable arms that tie into your motorcycle frame.  The  current model has 14" cast aluminum wheels and molded 1/4" black ABS plastic fenders, with optional molded black ABS plastic running boards with UV and special gloss coating, custom made from our own mold design, and black steel bumper.  From all the motorcycle trike kits available on the market today, you won't find a better ride.  Trip Trike's patented independent air ride system is located on the spindle of each wheel.  This gives a cushion at point of impact, caused by pot holes, bumps, etc.  This in turn puts much less stress on the hitch kit where it is attached to the bike.  Trip Trike is the only trike kit for motorcycles that you can get this air bladder suspension on.  ​

Did you know that Trip Trike was the first kit to utilize the moving back of the trike kit wheel center from the rear motorcycle axle?  When we were designing and engineering our kit, we studied the problems customers were having with the belly plate kits that were available at the time.  By moving our kit wheels back, that gave our kit a tandem axle effect, which definitely smoothed the ride and took care of the steering wobble and Trike steering issues that others were having complaints about.  Once we added the patented air ride suspension, we knew then that we had the smoothest riding trike or trike kit available on the market today, not to mention, the most affordable for what you get.  FREE installation and the complete kit comes with the purchase, no having to search out fenders, wheels and tires, or how to mount it onto your bike.  No, with Trip Trike, you get everything you need to ride!

We are also offering Trike kits reverse for your Trip Trike kit.  How about Trike kits power steering for those who have a hard time steering?  Yes, with free installation Trip Trike definitely should be your top choice.  We take our reputation very seriously so you won't find better customer service anywhere.  The last thing I tell my customers when they are leaving is, "It doesn't end here.  If ten years from now you have a question or need a part, call me.  I am happy to help!"

Trip Trike Kit’s Features
  • Our exclusive trike kits power steering design allows you to turn easier for extended periods of time.
  • The longer wheelbase and an independent suspension to ensure a smooth ride with exceptional control.
  • At Trip Trike, we use bolt on trike kits conversions, no frame cutting or welding required, no swing arm modifications.
  • The whole kit is designed so the installation is simpler and faster and can be completed in only one to two days.
  • Low maintenance. No alignment adjustments.
  • Convertible Trike kit.





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