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What is the difference between a trike kit and a trike conversion?  

The trike kits add two wheels to the outside of your rear motorcycle wheel.  A trike conversion removes the back half of your motorcycle (which you paid big money for) and adds in their parts, according to which conversion you buy.  If they get anything a little off and it causes issues with the ride like pulling to the left or right, then you are stuck with it as is.  Also with a conversion it takes a lot more power to take off and go uphill, which involves more money to gain power.  That is not the case with a trike kit.  It just adds on two balancing wheels at the rear and weighs around 250 lbs., not much difference than carrying a passenger.  Trip Trike is also built with adjustments so that if your bike is pulling to the left or right, it can be adjusted out!

Your motorcycle is not modified so if you decide to upgrade in the future, you will still have the kit.  Your rear motorcycle wheel is still your drive wheel and the trike kit is just there to hold the weight of the bike up when you slow down or stop.  Adding a kit to your motorcycle is a much better look, plus has a much better ride with Trip Trike's Patented air ride suspension on each wheel of your kit.   With Trip Trike's air bladder you can adjust the ride by how much air you fill it with.  It will hold up to 100+ lbs., yet we usually use about 10 - 25 lbs.  You can see where this would really cushion the ride of the kit to where it will hardly effect the rider when it hits a pothole or bump of any kind.