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We here at Trip Trike are proud to announce a more affordable kit to combat the trash that is being sold on the internet.  Good people are spending their hard earned/saved money on these products only to find out there is no way to install them on their motorcycles!  Then they no longer have the money to purchase a reliable kit to be able to continue to ride.  This has broken our hearts so we have come up with a way to try to combat the problem.

The EconoTrike is only available here at Trip Trike but it is for shipping out only.  This will help those that can't make the trip to Alabama for their Trip Trike also.  It is a well made kit but without the Patented Air Ride Suspension, it has store bought fenders, easy install mounting kit so that it can be done by most anyone that is even slightly mechanically inclined.  

Our heart has always been with trying to help all to continue riding once they start having issues holding up their bikes.  Not everyone can afford the full kits so we hope that this will help more people and put a stop to the rip off kits that have hurt so many people.  Please share this with your fellow riders that may be in need.  Our hope is to get the word out to everyone.  Thanks!