For the smoothest ride​​
available from a trike kit!


Not only do motorcycle outrigger kits built by Trip Trike meet the industry standards; we also pride ourselves in the following reasons why you should choose Trip Trike.


Trip Trike’s conversions are the top-performing motorcycle trikes on the market along with our motorcycle training wheels. Our trikes motorbikes go beyond the expectations in the three most demanded trike categories: smooth ride, superior independent suspension, and exceptional handling.


If you are looking for the most stable, smoothest, best-handling trike ride available, then you are looking for a Trip Trike. We provide an Independent Air Ride Suspension and motorcycle training wheels on all of our conversions. This alone makes for an excellent ride. This offers each wheel the ability to address the road uninterrupted by activities of the other wheel, providing better handling and ride quality. But Trip Trike did not stop there. Initially, we added the patented air ride suspension that gives four inches of wheel travel. Then, we  built a more comfortable trike bike motorcycle with plenty of ‘give’ when traveling over rough ground or with a heavy cargo, extra passenger, or pulling a trailer. Because of the softened and adjusted air spring rate, optimum ride quality is achieved.  With all of these preventative actions in place, the inconsistencies in the road are fully absorbed, making an effortless ride.

All of our products are developed in-house by the owner with vast knowledge and years of experience in engineering design. We believe that our years of experience gives us a level of expertise incomparable by anyone else in our industry. At Trip Trike, we are proud of our accomplishments and confident that you will be delighted with the results of our hard work throughout our product line.

Trip Trike’s customer service and support are second to none. With a strong emphasis on customer service after the sale, all customers are guaranteed accurate, timely, and friendly service.


Trip Trike consistently manufactures new products. Be sure and check back often, you never know what they will come up with.


In-house technicians, both in the installation bay and over the phone, are available Monday to Friday and provide high competency and quality service.